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I visited the Town and Country

La Madeleine's at 770 West Sam Houston plwy3on Dec 6, 2018 at 5:53 pm. I ordered my meal without any issues.

Actually the male and female servers behind the counter were very courteous and friendly. After paying for my meal, i selected a seat near the fireplace. There were several costumers sitting nearby. As i proceeded to enjoy my meal i noticed one of the waiters.

an older gentleman with grey or blonde hair walk to each table to check on costumers to see if they needed anything. The gentleman passed my table up a total of 7 times as he catered to the customers around me. It was if I was invisible. I continued to eat my meal.

I was in the restaurant for a total of 1 hour and 50 minutes and the gentlemen never said one word to me as he cleaned tables, delivered item's, and made small talk with other customers surrounding me. Upon finishing my meal I placed my plate and utensils on the tray and pushed it to the end of the table. The gentleman walked by my table 3 more times, never acknowledging me or my tray and proceeded to pick up the tray at a nearby table. The customer at the nearby table pointed to my tray as he noticed that the waiter was ignoring me.

At that time the waiter came over to pick up my tray. When he reached for the tray I said thank you. He did not look at me nor respond. I said thank you again in which the waiter stopped and glared at me snatching my tray off of the table angrily.

As he walked away he turned around and angrily glared at me again. I was so disturbed by his actions that I asked to speak with a manager right away. The manger (a female with black curly hair) approached and I began to explain my dinning experience, the waiters negative behavior towards me, and how uncomfortable his actions made me feel. The manager apologized and proceeded to minimize my experience and feelings by stating that the waiter was from Albania, everyone loves him, he has great rapport with everyone.

It must have been a language barrier. I explained that I witnessed him cater to and communicate with the neighbouring customers consistently. I also explained that I witnessed other customers say thank you and he responded to them. I told her that the way je glared at me and snatched my tray off of the table was rude and unprofessional.

She responded with " I will speak with him, but all of the customers love him." At that time I gathered my things and left. I will not be returning to this restaurant and caution others who may not look like this gentleman to try another location.

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